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Living Twig

Living Twig



Is it a twig or an insect? Well, both, kind of - it's an insect that looks just like a twig and acts like one too!

With this kit you can raise your very own Indian Stick Insects (Carausius morosus) from tiny eggs.

8-10 eggs are included, hatching can occur at any time from arrival and up to 2 months later, so some patience is required!  When they begin to hatch start feeding the insects fresh bramble leaves, privet or ivy.

Your little pets will moult and grow until they mature at around 5 months old, when they will begin laying eggs of their own, so you can raise a new generation if you wish!

Life expectancy is around 12 months and a full instruction guide on the Living Twig kit is available to read before purchase if required.

Your Living Twig Stick Insect Kit includes:

  • 30cm tall super clear mesh habitat
  • 8-10 stick insect eggs, or voucher to redeem for the eggs (stick insect eggs available year-round, weather permitting)
  • Instruction guide
  • Brush for transferring newly hatched insects

Please note: These Stick Insects are not native to the UK, therefore cannot be released into nature. 

Ages 4+ Adult Supervision Required

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