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Tiny Fox Snow Globes

Tiny Fox Snow Globes


Heaven Sends Tiny Fox Snowglobe 


This small Snow Globe is perfect as a small but ever-joyful gift. It isnt holiday specific, so although perfect for christmas, it can be gifted at any time or any season. 

Ideal decoration for those of you who don't want your home looking like Santas grotto, and yet still want to indulge in the naturalistic idea of winter and christmas.

Two variations; with or without the original tag including warnings and Heaven sends logo.



height-5cm x width (base) 3cm 


For buyers of the product discluding labels, they read;

"THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A TOY. It is intended for use as a decoration only due to small parts. For safety keep away from children and pets."

"Snowglobe is made of glass and is heavy and fragile. Do not place near windows or in direct sunlight ; a magnifying glass effect may result in a risk of fire. Heat may cause air bubbles to form in water to cloud; keep away from all appliances and heat sources."

"WARNING; This product is not suibtable for outside use. Due to the nature of matierials used in this product DO NOT use this item outside."

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